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Girls Night Out Package in our Boutique B&B

Heading out with your besties? Check out our Girls’ Night Out package in our Boutique B&B

Nothing beats a night out with your besties for fun and laughs. It’s quality time we all need – and look forward to! The chats, the laughs and the banter until the early hours without needing to get up early for breakfast and checkout the next morning.

That why we made the Girls Night Out offer. Its for getting together with the girls and treating yourself to a night out with style. Our Boutique B&B is ready for you to head out with the girls, laugh your socks off and all the while know that you can come back to the comfort of our gorgeous B&B with late breakfast and checkout.

40 minutes drive from the hustle and bustle of the capital, our historic house is the perfect option for a Girl’s Night Out.

Designed for classy comfort, it includes a bedroom (sleeps 4-6) with private bathroom for the night and access to the common room with TV, Wifi and a fully equipped kitchen. Late checkout and late breakfast are provided in this offer to ease your worries and allow you to enjoy your night.

While you unwind in The Old Rectory Trim, you will be able to buy our house wines as you laugh the night away. You have full use of the bedrooms and common room during your stay so that you can relax, unwind and catch up with the girls and that all important gossip before heading out on the town.

The Girls Night Out package costs €99 per person – minimum 4 people, max 12 people.

We are very excited to host you and the girls so book now pay later and get ready for a night out to remember!

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