halloween at the old rectory trim meath kids party 2019

Kids Halloween Party in Meath 2019

Kids Halloween Party

Event Details:

We are hosting the best Kids Halloween Party this October. This is a daytime event and will be held in our beautiful house located in the centre of Trim town. This event coincides with Púca Festival which is a new National Halloween event running over the entire weekend in Meath.


Save the date:

Date: 31st October 2019

Time: 1pm to 3pm

Location: The Old Rectory Trim
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Price: €20 includes food and drinks


Kids Halloween Party:

Book your little ones in for some fun this Halloween in The Old Rectory. Costume making, pumpkin carving, games and treats galore.

On the day we will provide a meal & drinks as well as some old fashioned games and pumpkin carving. There will be a prize for the best costume made from a plastic black sack!! Children can take home their pumpkins and costumes.


Kids Halloween Party fancy dress black sack garbage bag

(Image: BY )

Costume Making

Do you remember the days when Halloween costumes were made from simple things lying around the house? Black sacks, powder, food dye, cardboard, toilet roll…etc. It used to be so much fun! The creative ways we used to make scary outfits to celebrate the festival of Samhain.

Halloween (Samhain) actually started right here in Meath just a few Kilometers from our house in Trim. Back then they too used simple materials to fashion costumes to celebrate the day that souls both alive and dead enjoyed time together. On the day of our kids party we will reignite those traditions with the kids. They will be given basic craft materials and will have the chance to make their own Samhain costume. They can then wear this costume later that evening in the Puca Festival parade through the town of Trim. We will pick the best costume at the party and the creator will get a prize.

Pumpkin Carving:

Although not traditional to the Irish Samhain festival pumpkin carving is a main feature of Halloween celebrations every year. We will have a special pumpkin carving event with the kids at the party. The Irish tradition is turnip carving but they are such a tough vegetable to work with that we will be using the more modern Pumpkin instead.


irish turnip carving halloween kids party puca festival activity for kids

(Image: A ‘Ghost Turnip’ on display at the National Museum of Ireland – Country Life)

For the Adults:

While the kids have fun at our Halloween party you can relax and unwind in our Vintage Tea Rooms. Enjoy Afternoon Tea or choose from our selection of sandwiches and cakes with tea or coffee.


The Old Rectory:

We welcome you and your children to the Old Rectory, a Georgian house steeped in history. We have lovingly restored this old Irish house to its original beauty retaining many period features.

We will host the kids activities in one of our larger rooms as this event has proven to be quite popular. While the kids have fun for a couple of hours you can relax in our vintage tearooms to the front of the house.


afternoon tea for parents at the kids halloween party
puca festival trim meath parade for kids to wear their costume

After the Party

Puca Festival 2019 – Arrival of The Spirits

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Trim Castle

(Book Free Tickets here)


(Some information from the Puca Festival Organisers)

Meet the original spirits of Halloween in this dramatic Festival opener as we welcome some very special Festival guests into the atmospheric surrounds of Trim Castle Keep.

The beings of Samhain reveal themselves on Halloween night with Púca leading the way, representing the change, followed by The Morrigan the dark, Boann the light, The Fear Dearg the mischief and Fionn Mac Chumaill the warding of Samhain.

Who knows what will happen on the night – or even who will appear!

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