Update on Ukrainian Refugees:

Ukraine Flag The Old Rectory Trim

Update: Temporarily Closed for Booking

We wish to announce that we have taken our listing off booking.com for our B&B in support of Ukrainian refugees who are arriving in Ireland. Instead we will be providing emergency accommodation for the families who have fled the horrific war in the Ukraine. We thank all our customers for their support since we reopened after covid 19, and we pray for a resolution to the horrific war effecting the citizens of Ukraine.

Just an update on the Ukrainian refugees: I received an email from Boyne Valley Tourism late on St. Patrick’s night asking all accommodation providers if they would have emergency accommodation for 18th and 19th of March. I immediately made provision for them, then received an email saying they were being accommodated in a facility in Dublin and they don’t need the beds! They are being processed in Dublin at the moment and more are coming so the rooms will be needed. I will inform everyone when they arrive, I have taken my listing off bookings.com and cancelled any bookings I had. I want to thank everyone who is bringing donations to The Old Rectory.